Out of 767,000 cancer survivors in the United States in 2010, an estimated 63,000 were Northwest Ohio residents (American Cancer Society, 2011). A cancer diagnosis is no longer always terminal. Cancer patients and survivors are now able to go back to work, celebrate another birthday, hold another grandchild, and live another year as a survivor.


Financial hardship often accompanies a cancer diagnosis – be it from the cost of the treatment itself or in lost wages when the patient or caregiver has to stop working. Nightingales Harvest helps address this gap in local services by being the only free food bank for cancer patients and their families in the region.


Nightingales Harvest began in May of 2011 as a non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)3 organization that has served over 431 local households at no cost. The program markets to and receives referrals from cancer agencies, physicians, cancer centers, hospitals, and other service providers. Patients may also self-refer or receive referrals from caregivers or family members. As word of the program spreads, more individuals request services. Nightingales Harvest now needs funding to expand its reach and meet growing community needs.

Goals & Objectives

Nightingales Harvest will inspire surrounding counties to open food pantries, teach on individual and environmental cleanliness to fit the needs of their community. We will continue to explore resources, share information to empower all communities to assist cancer families.

Faces of Nightingales Harvest!