The Nightingales Harvest Mission

Mission Statement

At Nightingales Harvest, it is with passion, grace, and our personal touch with dear friends that led us in the direction of assisting cancer individuals, their families, and care givers. We at Nightingales Harvest are dedicated to inspire the good people of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan to provide a food Pantry with toiletries and cleaning products for all Cancer individuals and their families. The food pantry will lessen the financial burden; encourage good practices of individual and environmental cleanliness because cancer knows no boundaries or prejudice! It affects the very core of every individual, family, friend, and neighbor throughout the community.

Long Term Goal

Nightingales Harvest will inspire surrounding counties to open food pantries, teach on individual and environmental cleanliness to fit the needs of their community. We will continue to explore resources, share information to empower all communities to assist cancer families.


Nightingales Harvest began operations in March 2011 and will be an ongoing program, delivering food, home cleaning products, and personal hygiene items to households affected by cancer in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. In addition to direct service provision, Nightingales Harvest will act as a resource to connect patients and caregivers to local cancer organizations that can help meet other needs.

Nightingales Harvest is able to deliver the food, personal hygiene items, and home cleaning products through a team of volunteers from the VA and other trained volunteers. Being able to deliver the food and other essentials directly to the patients allows Nightingales Harvest to have that personal, hands-on touch that you don’t usually get from a food bank. And also, keep the patient safe from possible infections.

Donations come from various colleges, hospitals, and churches. These donations allow Nightingales Harvest to operate on a free basis for patients and caregivers. Along with the donations, Nightingales Harvest volunteers also cut coupons three days per week for four hours each day. Cancer patients and caregivers receive the coupons to help stretch their food. These volunteers include a youth team from the Children Services Board (CSB) and an Autistic Adult Program.

When Nightingales Harvest meets with a cancer patient they not only learn about the patient’s concerns and food allergies, but Nightingales Harvest also teaches the patient about proper nutrition and hygiene. Nutrition and hygiene is extremely important for a patient’s well-being. Patients learn about the foods and products delivered to them free of charge.

Education about proper nutrition and hygiene takes place in the patient’s home when a volunteer or worker from Nightingales Harvest comes to meet with the patient. The education portion of the program is extremely important.

Nightingales Harvest conducts assessments during the time patient utilize the food bank, as well as, at the end of that period. This way Nightingales Harvest can help refer the patient during all stages to other community resources, if necessary. The assessments help inform everyone about the patient’s condition and different needs as they arise. Trained employees or volunteers conduct the assessments.

Nightingales Harvest wants to add two full-time employees and one part-time employee. By adding these employees Nightingales Harvest will give opportunities to special needs individuals in northwest Ohio. Along with these employees Nightingales Harvest also wants to have four to six participants from the Children Services Board (CSB) youth program.

Nightingales Harvest already has served more than one hundred (100) client households, and increasing requests for its services bear out the need for such a program in the community. Expanding Nightingales Harvest necessitates having a paid Executive Director to manage and grow the program. Lisa Kronbach-Eisenbach, LPN, has a diversified medical and business background in home care, hospice, physician offices, and assisted nursing home settings. Her medical experience in healthcare facilities and home care, along with her various positions in management, have prepared her to advocate for patients, while at the same time building partnerships in the public, private and professional sectors to ensure the program has the resources necessary to succeed.

Under Lisa’s leadership, Nightingales Harvest has secured both donated office space in a local professional building and very low cost food pantry space at an area church, and has built numerous business and community partnerships in just five months’ time.


By their very nature, feeding programs typically measure success by output, rather than outcomes. Most track only the number of meals and/or number of clients they serve in a given period of time. This is due to the fact that, beyond verifying income eligibility, most food banks and feeding programs know little about their clients. However, Nightingales Harvest’s approach is more hands-on. It gets to know its clients and caregivers personally, and regularly visits the households it serves. Therefore, it has the opportunity to evaluate its success by tracking both output (the number of meals/clients served) and outcomes (the effect the program has on the cancer households it serves).